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Subject: Re: [docbook] How to build html from multiple files?

Quoting Lyre <4179e1@gmail.com>:

> Hi all:
>     I'm learning to use the docbook. I've read some tutorials, most of them
> just tell me how to write the docbook xml files, but did not mention how to
> generate the final documents (html, pdf...etc).

XSLT lets you open additional documents during processing using the  
document("///file/...") function, so you could write a driver file (in  
trivial XML) listing the files you need, in order, and then get XSLT  
to open and process them one by one.

> I've tried the 'docbook2htm' & 'xsltproc' it mentioned, but they seems to
> work on only one file.

I have to admit to not using them (I roll my own XSLT), but you should  
be able to add this step to the XSLT files AFAIK; but it does mean  
learning some XSLT...


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