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Subject: Re: [docbook] How to build html from multiple files?

There are at least two ways to assemble multiple docbook files into a single book: system entities and XInclude.  That crash-course book uses system entitites.  If you look into the file named "crash-course.docbook", you will see that it declares system entities for the other files and then references them.  If you process crash-course.docbook, those entity references will be resolved by the XML parser and you will get the whole book.
The alternative to system entities is XInclude.  That is described in this chapter of my book, available free for reading online at:
My book has a lot of other information on how to generate output using Docbook XSL.
Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
----- Original Message -----
From: Lyre
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2010 6:49 PM
Subject: [docbook] How to build html from multiple files?

Hi all:

    I'm learning to use the docbook. I've read some tutorials, most of them just tell me how to write the docbook xml files, but did not mention how to generate the final documents (html, pdf...etc).

    for example, the Crash-course to DocBook povide its source, but i don't know how the build the html, the source structure look like this:

crash-course> tree
|-- en
|   |-- basic-notions.docbook
|   |-- bookinfo.docbook
|   |-- crash-course.docbook
|   |-- declaration.docbook
|   |-- duck.dsl
|   |-- emacs.docbook
|   |-- fdl-licence
|   |-- getting-started.docbook
|   |-- glossary.docbook
|   |-- graphics.docbook
|   |-- interface.docbook
|   |-- introduction.docbook
|   |-- licence.docbook
|   |-- links.docbook
|   |-- lists.docbook
|   |-- meta-information.docbook
|   |-- miscellaneous.docbook
|   |-- next.docbook
|   `-- tables.docbook
`-- images
    |-- duck.eps
    |-- duck.jpg
    |-- rectangles.eps
    `-- rectangles.png

I've tried the 'docbook2htm' & 'xsltproc' it mentioned, but they seems to work on only one file.


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