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Subject: Re: Re: [docbook] How do I tell keycap+ from keycap keypad+


Saturday 15 January 2011

> On 01/14/2011 07:30 PM, Krzysztof ┼╗elechowski wrote:
> > Not necessarily.  A technical question: How do I markup <keycap
> > 
> > >+</keycap > so that it can be rendered on a gray background when
> > 
> > keypad is required, but not when any '+' wins?
> <keycap role="keypad">+</keycap>
> Then customize the stylesheets such that @role='keypad' gets a gray
> background.

You can also use the following notation, although a bit more verbose:

  <keycap function="other" otherfunction="keypad">+</keycap>

There are other values in @function available, but no value which is similar 
to "keypad". Maybe file a feature request to add this to the DocBook schema.


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