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Subject: Handling of ranges and measurement units (metric and imperial) and fractions


We have some decent ideas on how to handle units by following ISO etc,
but Docbook doesn't really standardise that.

I am very interested in hearing from anyone who has had to capture any
measurements with Docbook.
I am interested in how did you capture units such as kilograms or
pounds and whether you had to store equivalent metric and imperial
measurements or did you convert when publishing.
One other area that I am also bit puzzled about is how to consistently
store ranges such as 2 - 5 kilograms - do you annotate such ranges in
any way or do you just store them as plain text?
Finally, how do you mark up fractions such as 1/3rd, ideally without
going into the complexity of MathML?

I would be very glad to hear from anyone on or off list.

Lech Rzedzicki

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