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Subject: Re: [docbook] Infocenter link (xlink:hef=) toPLUGINS_ROOT/plugin.id.here/filename.html%23nameofanXMLID goes to top ofpage--completion of earlier message

Title: Re: [docbook] Infocenter link (xlink:hef=) to PLUGINS_ROOT/plugin.id.here/filename.html%23nameofanXMLID goes to top of page--completion of earlier message

We are using Docbook5 and Eclipse 3.4.2, to create a set of books with each individual book as a plugin in an infocenter.

I can link from book to book (plugin to plugin) only to the file level NOT to an anchor (xml:id) within that file.
Let’s say filename.html is a lengthy topic in a book and I want to link to the 10th paragraph (<para xml:id=”nameofanXMLID”).
Whether I prefix the xml:id with # or with %23 (as shown in the headline), the link only takes me to the top of filename.html.  Is there anything else I can do on the docbook side to get this to work?  

(This might be an Eclipse problem and I have filed a query there  with more details: http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php?t=msg&goto=658570&S=4da2b532fa8b4e63f86029546b56725b#msg_658570.)

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