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Subject: Re: [docbook] which RELAXNG version to use?

Hi Tim,
V5.0 is the stable version to use for production environments.

The 5.1's are in beta, i.e. still subject to changes, and will also have 
to go through a "Candidate release" stage before being ready for production.
You may also want to read up on the compatibility of release versions : 


Tim Arnold schrieb:
> Hi again,
> Thanks to David Cramer for pointing out that the newest stylesheets 
> are version 1.76.1;
> Now for the DocBook 5 RELAXNG spec:
> I see 5.0 and 5.1b2 are available --should I get the latest or the one 
> marked 'current'?
> _http://www.docbook.org/schemas/5x_
> I know that sounds silly. But my guess is 5.1b2 fixes some bugs from 5.0.
> thanks,
> --Tim Arnold

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