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Subject: Newbie questions on DocBook setup

I'm pretty  new to DocBook which I am currently considering as a possible replacement for MS Word based creation of technical documentation. My main requirement are the possibility of generating multiple output formats based on one common source (typically PDF and CHM), input based on source independent documents, and markup, not Wysiwig orientated document generation.
My other requirement is that I need to use DocBook on plain Windows XP or Windows 7 based systems, and if possible from within Visual Studio 2008 or 2010.
I played around for example with Oxygen and also the hints on how to enable Visual Studio Intellisense for DocBook I found on Implicit Operator but Intellisense with Visual Studio seems to be broken as soon as I use XInclude. Oxygen is quite nice, supports XInclude, however I have had a bit of problems to use cross file references and links. Appart from that I would prefer our developers not to be required to use/learn yet another tool in addition to those they have to do already.
I wonder if there is anybody who has similar requirements and has setup a comparable system already that could provide hints where to put what on a standard Windows system, if possible without installing Cygwin etc. Also basic document examples with cross-file linking are welcome.

Thanks,  Martin

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