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Subject: span like thing ?

I sincerely apologize for this series of trivial questions, but they are certainly not trivial to me...

I have a <literal> block in which I have a number of <markup> spans.

When I convert that to html I want some <markup> to be attributed some class and others to be attributed some other class, because in the end I want to use the classes to color them differently with a style sheet.

Problem is that all the <markup> I have ends up transformed as a <span class="markup">, even if I put some attributes like [role="inline"] or [role="block"], which I eventually would love to see become the classes in the rendered html...

So, is there a way to have:

<markup role="block"> to be converted into an HTML <span class="block"> ?

I have no preference for the DocBook tag, <markup> just ends up describing the contents nicely, but if there is something else that allows me to do what I want I'll be happy to change of tag.

Jean-Christophe Helary
fun: http://mac4translators.blogspot.com
work: http://www.doublet.jp (ja/en > fr)
tweets: http://twitter.com/brandelune

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