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Subject: linking across documents in bibliography

Hi all,


I’m working with a book split across 11 parts. I’ve broken the 11 parts into separate files, pulling them together with xinclude. Works great.


However, in the bibliography for this book, which I’ve also built as a separate file, I’d like to start each entry with a reference to the page number relevant to the entry. Example:


Page 12 – Smith, John. My Very Awesome Book. Chicago: Big Publisher Inc., 2007.


I’m using <bibliomixed> for the bibliography entries but I can’t figure out how to create a cross reference that will generate the page number or a even a just a live, working link within the <bibliomixed> tag. I believe that <olink> is my only option for this, since I’m working across documents. But <olink> doesn’t seem to work in my outputs (to HTML or to PDF) when placed within <bibliomixed><abbrev> or <titleabbrev>.


Am I just better off combining my book into 1 giant document, or is there an elegant way to accomplish this?







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