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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: the proper markup for displaying a file snippet?

On 14/07/11 20:44, Norman Walsh wrote:
> Jirka Kosek<jirka@kosek.cz>  writes:
>> I think that using programlisting for configuration files is approriate.
>> It's very hard to draw clear line between configuration files and
>> programw written in some highly declarative or DSL languages.
> Indeed. I sometimes (ab)use "screen" for things that aren't properly
> program listings within the context of what I'm writing. I have, for
> example, sometimes configured line numbers for programlistings but not
> for screens.

I would use programlisting for config files as well as program code, 
because they are semantically close enough to warrant it IMHO.

I've never used screen, and I've only used screenshot for console i/o 
when documenting the use of a CLI because "screenshot" to me implies a 
graphic of a window or screen to me, rather than text.

> The semantics of literallayout are certainly loose enough to fit the
> case, though I still tend to think of that for poetry or other
> prose-ish sorts of things that happen to need specific line breaks.

That was my understanding, although I would tend to use TEI for literary 
documents rather than DocBook.

I don't think it matters a whole lot so long as you're consistent, and 
you document it if you feel it's open to misinterpretation.


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