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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: bridgehead not allowed in variablelist?

Hi Tim,

Am Dienstag, 9. August 2011, 11:38:38 schrieb Tim Arnold:
> [...]
> Thomas, I did read the element reference but I didn't understand how
> to read the synopsis. After your message I think the synopsis provides
> the specification *in order*. So if you have a bridgehead or an
> annotation, it must come before any varlistentries.  Didn't realize
> the order mattered, now it makes sense!

Yes, you should it read from top to bottom. :)

Just a brief explanation to help you understand how to read them. Consider 
this little snippet from the variablelist synopsis which I radically reduced:

variablelist ::=
 Sequence of:
  * One of:            {A}
  * Zero or more of:   {B}
  * One or more of:    varlistentry

When you read such a synopsis, a "Sequence of" is an order as you already 
know. The "One of" keyword signals you have to decide between different 
options. In our case it is with/without a title, just an info element etc. 
Some combinations are possible.
The "One or more of" rule needs at least one element but has no upper limit. 
You can apply the same rules for the placeholders "A" and "B". I've omitted 
them to make it a bit simpler.

Coming back to bridgehead: this is allowed only in placeholder "B", but not 
between varlistentrys. Maybe it helps if you just reduce the list of possible 
elements to its simplest form like I've showed above.

> I'm still not sure how to render the example above into DocBook--is it
> possible without rewriting?  Any ideas much appreciated.

Yes, that's tricky. :)

I don't have really a better alternative than Norm. Maybe this could work:

1. Have you tried tables?

2. Have you tried the following idea?

     <title>type1 values for Option1</title>
     <title>type2 values for Option1</title>

  Thomas Schraitle

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