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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook SGML article and titlepage, + remove header

Replying to myself:

> I need some help to adjust the PDF output from an DocBook XML file.
> Look at the following PDF:
>   <http://lamasti.net/files/pub/progoppsett/manual/progoppsett-1.0.pdf>
> I want two changes to be made:
> 1) The logo image should be at bottom of page, rather than just below
>    the text.

Could someone please help me figuring this out? I want the image to be
placed at the left bottom of the title page.

> 2) I want to remove the header on each page, showing the title of document

I found that this can be done by putting the following in the style

  (define %chap-app-running-heads%

> The source is at:
>   <http://lamasti.net/files/pub/progoppsett/manual/progoppsett-1.0.xml>
> and the dssl style sheet is at:
>   <http://lamasti.net/files/pub/progoppsett/manual/ldp12.dsl>
> I'm using openjade for conversion.
> Could someone please give me some hints?
> Thanks and regards,
> Lars

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