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Subject: Re: unable to convert DocBook to PDF

[Note: The docbook mailing list is for discussion and development of the
DocBook spec itself.  The docbook-apps mailing list is for discussion of
usage of DocBook and related tools.  Please follow up to docbook-apps.]

On 10/21/2011 10:46 PM, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
> openjade:<path>/book.xml:8:78:E: element "xi:include" undefined
> openjade:<path>/book.xml:9:74:E: element "xi:include" undefined
> I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 (x64). The DocBook package is installed.
> $ docbook2pdf --version
> DocBook-utils version 0.6.14 (jw version 1.1)
> $ openjade --version

XInclude is a layer between XML and DocBook.

You need to either use a parser that supports XInclude, or to use some
tool to pre-process the files into a single document without XInclude.

If you are using OpenJade, an SGML-based toolchain, you will have to do
the pre-process; OpenJade has no XInclude support.  You could use an
XInclude stylesheet with xmllint[1] (which is most likely installed in
your Ubuntu distribution), or, if really wedded to OpenJade, implement
XInclude support in DSSSL... (-:

Or, you could switch to a more modern, XML-based toolchain using one of
the Open Source XSL formatters such as FOP.


[1] <URL http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/Xinclude.html#XmllintIncludes >
Chris Maden, text nerd  <URL: http://crism.maden.org/ >
The “1%” runs the government.  Be very careful what you wish for.
Vote with your money and your feet before petitioning your rulers.

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