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Subject: DocBook 5 and Extended XLinks


currently I'm playing with (extended) XLinks in DocBook5. However, at a first 
glance, it looks a bit "academical" to me and I haven't seen them in wide use 
yet. Fortunately, I've found an interesting example as a comment in the 
xlink.xsl file of the DocBook XSLT2 stylesheets:

 <citetitle xlink:type="extended">
  <link xlink:type="locator" 
  <link xlink:type="locator"
     xlink:title="DocBook on Wikipedia"/>
   <phrase xlink:type="resource" xlink:label="source">DocBook</phrase>
   <link xlink:type="arc" xlink:from="source" xlink:to="target"/>

After transforming this piece it gives me this output (where the text in 
brackets are all links):

  DocBook [DocBook.org, DocBook on Wikipedia]

That's nice. :) However, it seems a bit overcomplicated at a first glance. The 
output could also be achieved by using simple <link/>s. What's the (big?) 
advantage in using the above construct?

Furthermore, I'm searching for a practical example for the extendedlink 
element inside info. Unfortunately, the TDG doesn't help here, apart from 
linking to the XLink spec.

Did anybody use (extended) XLinks already and have a nice tutorial, links, 
howtos or any other piece, maybe related to DocBook?

Thanks a lot! :-)

  Thomas Schraitle

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