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Subject: Migrating from DTD to RNG Schema

Dear all,

I'm trying to migrate all my stuff from DTD to RNG Schema... and more or
less it is clear to me how to proceed. Anyway, I'm wondering how to
migrate my entity catalog:

<!DOCTYPE catalog
  PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD Entity Resolution XML Catalog V1.0//EN"

<catalog xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:entity:xmlns:xml:catalog">
  <!-- Common entities -->
  <group prefer="public" xml:base="ent/">
    <public publicId="-//AGAMURA//ENTITIES Localization V1.0//en-US"
    <public publicId="-//AGAMURA//ENTITIES Corporation Data V1.0//en-US"

l10n.ent contains statements like these:

<!ENTITY % German "IGNORE">
<![%German; [
  <!ENTITY % l10n.user PUBLIC "-//AGAMURA//ENTITIES QuXo Locale V1.0//de-DE"
  <!ENTITY % l10n.default "IGNORE">

<!ENTITY % English "IGNORE">
<![%English; [
  <!ENTITY % l10n.user PUBLIC "-//AGAMURA//ENTITIES QuXo Locale V1.0//en-US"
  <!ENTITY % l10n.default "IGNORE">

... while corpdata.ent contains some custom entities like these:

<!ENTITY corp.name "My Company, Inc.">
<!ENTITY corp.address PUBLIC
  "-//AGAMURA//ENTITY Corporation Address V1.0//en-US"
<!ENTITY corp.domain "mycompany.com">

Any help would be really appreciard :-)

Giuseppe Greco
6949 Comano

call giuseppe.greco via Skype
phone:  +41 (0)91 234 51 09
mobile: +41 (0)79 590 33 06
email:  giuseppe.greco@agamura.com

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