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Subject: Re: [docbook] updated proposal for multimedia support in DocBook 5.x

On 17.11.2011 19:13, Grosso, Paul wrote:

> Details
> -------
> The classid and autostart attributes are added to audiodata
> and videodata.  While these attributes could just be specified 
> using the generic multimedia parameter markup discussed below, 
> I've found that these values require special handling to get 
> things to work across the majority of browsers, so it's best 
> to provide a better handle on them.  Then the generics can 
> generally just be passed through without special processing.

I think that DocBook should catch with HTML5 on multimedia. There should
be ability to reflect sensible attributes from audio/video elements
in DocBook.

Just to be consistent, if we add autostart, we should also add at least


Also it might make sense to use autoplay instead of autostart to be
consistent with HTML here.

We also should make processing expectations more precises in TDG in the
following two aspects:

If there both imageobject and videoobject are specified, then
imageobject is used as a content of poster attribute (or we can devote
special role on imageobject for this).

If there are multiple videoobjects then they will be transformed into
one video element with several source subelements pointing to video in
different formats. The same for audio.

> Finally we allow zero or more multimedia parameter elements as 
> children of audioobject and videoobject.  These are to specify 
> all the many param elements that may be needed as children of 
> the HTML object element in the resulting HTML.

I think that classid and these parameters are purely presentational
things and should be handled by stylesheets. We shouldn't add markup for
them. If some users need ability to propagate things like background
color of player from document to output they can use processing

Also in bigger perspective it might be worth to rething whole
mediaobject little bit, for example allowing several *data elements
inside one *object element and moving some attributes up to *object element.


  Jirka Kosek      e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz      http://xmlguru.cz
       Professional XML consulting and training services
  DocBook customization, custom XSLT/XSL-FO document processing
 OASIS DocBook TC member, W3C Invited Expert, ISO JTC1/SC34 member

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