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docbook message

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Subject: Markup suggestions please?

Using db 5.0

I'm describing a suite of assembler instructions.
I would like to have the set available, sorted in a toc/index somewhere.
This is my best guess so far.
Improvement suggestions appreciated. Basic content is
name, description, syntax, example {notes}

I note docbook is missing something more explicit than <code>  for
an actual instruction.

<section xml:id='mul'>
<para role='desc'>Multiply, Multiply Accumulate, and Multiply Subtract (32-bit by 32-bit, bottom 32-bit result). Note, <code>mls</code> is not available to &pi;</para>
<screen role="syntax">
mul{s}{cond} {Rd}, Rn, Rm
mul     r0, r1, r2 @ r0 = r1 * r2
<para role='note'>
Returns the ls 'word' of the result in r0. @FIXME, where is the



Dave Pawson

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