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Subject: Re: [docbook] RFE: RDFa in Docbook 5

On 13.12.2011 13:50, Joshua Wulf wrote:

> Some decisions are non-arbitrary, in the sense that there is only one
> clear "right choice". For example: in a guide for beginners we would
> omit information that is clearly for advanced use cases. In an
> "Administrators Guide" we would omit information that is only of
> relevance to Developers.

For this you can use profiling. It's easy concept and well supported in


> What if... we could encode that information in the built html?
> In that case, as well as offering a set of predefined static narratives,
> we could also offer the reader the ability to navigate the information
> set along multiple potential pathways. In other words, the reader
> participates in the creation of the narrative (in an assisted way), in
> much the same way that an author would have created a "best guess" or
> "one size fits all" narrative for them.

You can implement this either on server-side and then you will work
directly with DocBook/XML sources. If you want this work on client-side
then you are stuck with Javascript and I don't think that I would like
to manipulate RDFa in Javascript.

> It also opens the door to more targeted search, the opportunity for
> external systems to discover, consume, and mashup our content, and even
> the possibility of expert systems that could use our documentation to
> answer user questions.

I have studied knowledge engineering and AI and since that time I'm
little bit skeptic to such ideas. But this shouldn't prevent others from


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