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Subject: Re: [docbook] pdf/html element customization - line breaks

On 3/18/2012 4:14 PM, Brendan DeTracey wrote:
I have been using the computeroutput element, but have a problem with line breaks in pdf when my line is too long. In html the user can resize the window to fit the entire line of text but pdf breaks the line clumsily. How do other authors deal with this issue?
That's the difference between pdf and html. With pdf you specify the presentation formats on the page. With html the reading device has a lot of control over the presentation in the window. Even the user has some control over an html presentation, but not with pdf.

My solution? I'm currently working on converting my textbook from LaTeX (to produce pdf) to ePub (html under the hood). The tools for the conversion are primitive, at best. Since it's a technical book (assembly language programming, etc.), I'm having to eliminate a lot of the nice formatting that LaTeX allows on the printed page. But students these days prefer electronic reading, even if it means dealing with the problems of pdf on portable devices.


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