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Subject: Re: [docbook] GSoC 2012 project proposal: DocBook Slides 5.0

Em 25-03-2012 16:20, Justus-bulk@Piater.name escreveu:
- Instead of starting with the S5 target, why not start by porting the
   existing targets?  This should be much easier to do, and will allow
   people to migrate their slides.
Maybe it was not clear from my draft but that is what I plan to do first. This is what I mean by porting the demos (schema + supporting stylesheets) in iterations.

- Stefan, others and I have discussed presentational markup
   enhancements.  I am still exited about these; there are ways to
   greatly simplify slide layout for the author.  See
   and the entire thread.
Thanks, I'll save this link and keep this is mind. Of course, I want to include suggestions from the community to create a Slides vocabulary that better satisfies the needs.


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