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Subject: Re: [docbook] GSoC 2012 project proposal: DocBook Slides 5.0

Em 25-03-2012 19:54, Kasun Gajasinghe escreveu:

The application looks impressive. And, nice to see what you gained
through DocBook.
I have few simpler questions regarding the application. What was the
method you used to calculate to 60 days? Is it by only taken into
account the weekdays? If so, yes it'll be around 60 days for the
coding period. In addition to that, there's a four week community
bonding period. As of Google Summer of Code administrators, students
must begin coding on or before coding period starts. The discussions,
and designing needs to be happen during community bonding period. You
might already know this since you participated in GSoC six straight
years. Just take this into consideration, so people like me who
haven't dig deep in to Slides customization will know what you are
expecting to do better.
Yes, I counted 12 weeks so that gives around 60 weekdays. I also included in my application that I want to start the work earlier but I didn't include those days in the timeline. There are two reasons:

1, I didn't want to overspecify the whole thing because according to my experiences, such strict plan never leads to anywhere. Of course, we have to define the orientations of the project but only actually working on it will I see what feedback I get, if there are unwanted challenges, changes in priorities, etc.

2, I didn't want to promise too much. It would not be fair that you choose me for one of the limited seats only because I promise something that later I cannot actually accomplish. I only focused on the main goals in my proposal that I actually think I can accomplish. That is why I didn't count the community bonding time. It gives me some backup time so that I can finish what I propose.

And yes, I know that the technical discussions should be done during the community bonding period but later on there may be further cases where I need to discuss important or complex questions with my mentor so I think counting 5 days for the whole program is not such a big problem. But I repeat, this is just a very rough and pessimistic plan. If things go better, at the end of the program I'll be working on more complete stylesheets than included in the plan.

And add some references...

I've put there my BSc thesis in DocBook 5.0 with some customized stylesheets. Have you seen that? Do you think I should put something more? If so, what type of reference would you expect?


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