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Subject: Re: [docbook] Assemblies: Missing resourceref attribute in instance element?


Am Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012, 20:16:01 schrieb Thomas Schraitle:
> [...]
> It seems, there is no resourceref attribute definied for instance. Is this
> an omission in the schema, a typo in the TDG, or am I blind? :)

After further investigations, I've discovered the following additional issues 
in the transformations section[1]:

(1) The TDG gives the following example for the transforms element:

     <transform name="dita2docbook" type="text/xsl" fileref="dita2db.xsl"/>
     <!-- ... -->

However, the assembly schema doesn't define a "type" attribute for the 
transform element.

(2) Furthermore, the TDG gives the following example:

  <resource xml:id="overview" fileref="dita/over.xml"

It seems to me, there is also no "transforms" attribute definied for the 
resource element.

(3) The TDG gives an additional example for the transform element 
    inside module:

  <module resourceref="overview">
     <transform name="art2pi"/>
     <output type="book" renderas="partintro"/>

However, the assembly schema doesn't include a transform element at all.

Not sure if these are typos in the TDG or bugs in the schema. Or I'm miss 
something really important. ;) 

Can anybody confirm this?

---- References
[1] http://www.docbook.org/tdg51/en/html/ch06.html#transformations
[2] http://www.docbook.org/xml/5.1b7/rng/assembly.rnc

  Thomas Schraitle

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