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Subject: [ANN] Release of DAPS 1.0 (DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite)

Dear DocBook enthusiasts,
the DAPS team is happy to announce version 1.0 of 
     DAPS, the DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite
             --- http://daps.sf.net/ ---
DAPS is (yet) another command line tool which lets you create and
publish your sources with a single command.

DAPS currently supports DocBook4. DocBook5 support is planned for the
DAPS is developed and tested on Linux. GNU configure tools help porting
DAPS to MacOS and other Unix systems. Feedback is welcome. DAPS does
not run on Windows.

DAPS evolved from the tool chain used by the openSUSE documentation
team to create the openSUSE manuals. Being developed, maintained and
used for more than 6 years, the software is pretty well tested ;-).

With the release of Version 1.0 the openSUSE documentation team decided
to make DAPS available to the public. For newcomers it considerably
lowers the bar to get started with DocBook. For long-standing DocBook
users it provides an opportunity to focus on the things that matter
(content and stylesheets) rather than having to maintain their own tool

I. Benefits
Some of DAPS' benefits include:

* Transforms DocBook sources into a variety of output formats
  (chunked/single HTML, Web Help, color/grayscale FO, ePUB, ASCII, man

* Lets you switch stylesheets with a single command line option
  (custom stylesheets need to use the same directory layout as the
  original DocBook stylesheets)

* Supports a variety of source images (dia, eps, fig, png, pdf, and
  svg) and automatically transforms them into supported output formats
  (png for HTML/Web Help/ePUB, svg and/or pdf for FO)

* Can easily be used from custom scripts (e.g. for automatic publishing)

* Lets you mange large documentation projects by
  - supporting profiling (arch, condition, os, vendor)
  - letting you build parts of a set (books, articles, parts,
  - letting you build the set (or parts of it) with different
  - generating file lists (source XML files and/or source images)
  - creating distributable archives
    o with valid profiled sources for translation or reviews
    o with output formats (e.g. for deploying HTML/Web Help on the
      web server)
    o with complete sources for the whole set
* Includes authoring tools such as
  - an "init" script to create a new project from scratch, including
    the complete environment needed by DAPS
  - a command to validate your profiled DocBook sources (using
  - a DocBook4 macro set for emacs's nxml and psgml modes
  - a linkchecker for http(s)/ftp links in XML sources
  - a spellchecker (aspell) with  the necessary adjustments to check
    DocBook documents
  - a command to check all images in a document with an image viewer of
     your choice (makes checking screenshots in large documentation
     projects much easier)

* 100% open source: DAPS offers a dual-licensing model at your choice:
  GPL 2.0 or GPL 3.0.

II. Getting Started

The project homepage is located at http://daps.sf.net/

Find more about DAPS in the Quick Start Guide at

A more detailed "User Guide" is still in the works. It can be accessed
at http://daps.sf.net/documentation/html/daps-user.html

III. Download DAPS

The current DAPS version is 1.0.2

Download the installation sources from
http://sf.net/projects/daps/files/. Installation instructions are also
available on that page.

Users of the openSUSE distribution can also install DAPS as RPM package
from the Documentation:Tools repository at

IV. Feedback

Feedback, patches, praise or criticism are welcome:

* Discussions:
* Write a review:
* Report a bug, request enhancements:

V. DAPS live

The DAPS team will do a talk about DAPS at LinuxTag in Berlin, Germany

    Thomas Schraitle

SUSE LINUX Products GmbH    (o<    Tel:   +49-(0)911-740 53 131
Maxfeldstrasse 5            /\\    Documentation Specialist
90409 Nuernberg, Germany   _\_v    http://www.suse.com    | HRB 21284
SUSE LINUX GmbH, GF: Jeff Hawn, Jennifer Guild, Felix Imendörffer 

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