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Subject: Including two title pages in a PDF file and page numbering


We are printing two documents that are part of our software help system. We are having an issue with customizing the front matter for our needs.

Right now we have one title page with the publication/revision information on the 'verso', followed by the generated table of contents. The page numbering begins with the titlepage (even though it's not printed, which is fine), so that the table of contents is page 3.

What we would like is to add another simple title page as is found in most published books. How does one do this?

We would also like to change the page numbering format so that the front matter, beginning with the first title page is in roman numerals and then is reset with the the first page of the manual. We would also like first page of the manual to begin on the right.

To summarize, this is what we're looking for:

Titlepage(1)           recto     i      (right)
(blank)                  verso    ii      (left)

Titlepage(2)           recto    iii      (right)
(pub/rev info)          verso    iv      (left)

Table of contents    recto   v        (right)

Introduction           recto     1       (right)

The documents are articles and not books. We are using DocBook 4, with docbook-xsl 1.73.2 and fop-0.93. I have consulted the chapters in the DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide but I have not been able to apply anything successfully. Can an article have front matter just like a book?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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