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Subject: More memory for Lucene

I've set up the first set of "real" docs for the WebHelp format. That is, some of our huge big MySQL docs are built in WebHelp format now, too.

This is done using the XSL 1.78.0 style sheets, which include the machinery for creating the WebHelp search index. All works remarkably well (thanks to the GSoC 2012 who implemented great improvements!), but there's one problem left which I haven't found a solution for.

When building on my local machine, creating the search index takes between 8 and 15 seconds, depending on the size of the book. On our central docs build machine, however, creation time is by factors higher (between 30 and 50 minutes!). I suspect that Lucene (the Java module that creates the index) needs more memory, or at least that would be my first try.

But how would I do that, i.e. allocate more than the default amount of memory (whatever it is) to Lucene? Any pointers appreciated!


Stefan Hinz <stefan.hinz@oracle.com>, MySQL Documentation Manager

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