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Subject: nested links

The DocBook 4 Definitive Guide has the following caveat in the "Processing expectations" for the <link> element:


"Linking elements must not be nested within other linking elements (including themselves). Because DocBook is harmonizing towards XML, this restriction cannot easily be enforced by the DTD. The processing of nested linking elements is undefined."



In the DocBook 5.1 Definitive Guide, this statement is missing. However, the DocBook 5 semantics still allow for nested link elements.


I am wondering if anyone knows if the statement about not nesting links was removed intentionally, and if so, what is the expected behavior of nested links in the output?



Rob Cavicchio
Principal Technical Writer & Information Architect
Information Intelligence Group
EMC Corporation


3721 Valley Centre Drive, Ste 200
San Diego, CA 92130
United States


P: +1 858-320-1208
F: +1 858-320-1010
E: rob.cavicchio@emc.com


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