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Subject: DocBook for encoding a family history "encyclopedia"

I have used DocBook for a little while now. I have created a style manual for our organization as well as a users' guide for a web application.

In my not professional life, I am a family historian. I would like to put together an encylopedia-like book that would contain person name and place name entries pertinent to our family.

I would like to have endnotes at the end of each entry as well as (maybe?) a biliography. I'm not sure of how best to encode this in DocBook however.

My inclination is a top-level book containing articles for each entry. If the work becomes extensive enough, I would separate article groups by part.

How to get endnotes and a bibliography to appear at the end of each article would be a question for docbook-apps I suppose.

Am I going down a useful path here? Does this seem a reasonable approach?



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