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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 20 March 2013


regarding the documentation changes for rowheader:
I would like to share an explanation of how the expanded Cals model can work in practice (I think there was a bit of confusion on that a while back on this list too, which unfortunately I did not see until much later), along with the accordingly necessary changes to the schema's description and the documentation in The Definite Guide.

Hoping this serves to clarify what needs attention to finalize docBook 5.1 regarding the Cals table model - in parallel to what is being implemented by Scott on the Publishers level,
with best regards,

Am 20.03.2013 21:04, schrieb Bob Stayton:
DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 20 March 2013

The DocBook Technical Committee met on Wednesday, 20 March 2013 at
1:00pm ET for 40 minutes.

1. Roll call

Present: Loren Cahlander, Dick Hamilton, Nancy Harrison,
Scott Hudson, Jirka Kosek, Larry Rowland, Bob Stayton

Regrets: Norm Walsh

2. Accepted the minutes [1] of the previous meeting.

3. Next meeting: 17 April 2013

4. Review of the agenda.

No new items.

5. Review of open action items

 a.  Norm to publish an XSD for 5.1 when it is finished.

 b.  Norm to follow up on OASIS mirroring the schema directory.

 c.  Larry to try mapping slides to assembly.

 d.  Norm to clarify bridgehead entry in TDG to indicate
     that bridgeheads are not numbered like sections.

 e.  Norm to update The Definitive Guide that the
     behavior of nested links is undefined by the standard.

 f.  Norm to prevent link element nested within link element in DocBook 5.1.

 g.  Norm to produce a DocBook 5.1 candidate release.

 h.  Bob to research the TC minutes on the status of RFE 3156768  <result> tag

 i.  Norm to follow up on RFE 3491860 license tag

 j.  Dick to investigate status of RFE 3599576 'info' wrapper element

6.  OASIS website issues


7.  Publisher's and eLearning subcommittee reports

Scott reported that the Publisher's subcommittee met and
discussed the latest draft. They accepted one new RFE
so a new draft will be prepared. They had a request to
change the documentation of rowheader. They expect to
deliver the new version after these changes.  Any further
RFEs will probably be in a following release.

The eLearning subcommittee is on hiatus until more
members can be recruited.

8.  Transclusion in DocBook


9.  DocBook 5.1 release


10. GSoC 2013

Dick described the Google Summer of Code program.
We will be applying this year, and the information
will be tracked on Dick's Wiki. [2]
Mentors are needed, and get a stipend.
If you want to participate, get a login from Dick
by emailing him at hamilton@xmlpress.net.
The application will be submitted next week.

11.  Review of Requests for Enhancement

   To browse a specific RFE, enter the URL (on one line):


   RFEs to revisit for 6.0
     1907003  biblioid content model too broad

   RFEs under discussion
     2820947  Ability to transclude text
     3035565  Allow sections at any level
     3156768  <result> tag

Bob sent out an email summarizing past actions and proposing
a content model for the result element.  The Committee

ACTION: Norm to add result element to DocBook 5.1 schema.

     3491860   license tag
     3593209   Add see/seealso under

This was discussed in the Publisher's subcommittee, but
they wanted an example.

ACTION: Dick to prepare an example of "see under" index entries.

     3599576   'info' wrapper element for processing titlepage elements

Dick reported that the submittor wanted to conditionalize
a group of info elements, rather than a raft of individual
elements.  Larry suggested that a general wrapper had
no semantic meaning, and Bob suggested that the semantics
come from the role or condition attributes added to it.
The TC has rejected general wrapper elements in the past
because they greatly complicate content models, and
the same effect can be obtained by conditionalizing
individual elements, with less convenience.

Dick suggested adding an element for copyright page
information as an alternative to info.

Larry proposed an alternative approach: allow more
than one info element. Common info elements would
be in an unconditionalized info element, and other
conditionalized info elements would supplement it.

ACTION: Dick to propose the multiple info approach
to the submittor.

  No New RFEs


[1] https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-tc/201303/msg00000.html
[2] http://docbook.xmlpress.net

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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