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Subject: Re: [docbook] Toolchain for beginner?

Hi Bob,

Am Mittwoch, 10. April 2013, 10:26:08 schrieb Bob Plantz:
> [...]
> > Maybe take a look at DAPS, http://daps.sf.net
> > Not sure if this is what you need. To get an overview, look at the DAPS
> > Quick Start:
> > http://daps.sf.net/documentation/html/daps-quick.html
> Thank you, Thomas, I'll take a look. But I do enjoy "getting my hands
> dirty" with low-level stuff. My books are on assembly language. ;-)

Oh, assembly language, that's quite challenging :)

We haven't tested it for other distributions than openSUSE. The archive 
contains a configure script which should tell you what is missing. 

> >> [...]
> >> Since I'm new to docbook, my take is that I should start with 5.0.
> > 
> > DocBook 5 is prepared, but not really tested yet.
> So, do you think it might be better for me to work with 4.x?

Sorry, my previous answer was misleading. Of course, DocBook 5 itself is 
stable and you can use it. I never challenged that. I was refering to the 
DocBook 5 support in DAPS.

> I'm running
> Ubuntu 12.10. Their "standard" DocBook installation is 4.x. They have an
> online help wiki page on DocBook was written in December 2010 and is
> based on 4.x. I suppose that 4.x so widely used that it will not become
> obsolete soon -- probably not before my book becomes obsolete. :-)

Right, DocBook 4.x is stable and I guess it will stay for a while. Of course 
the new kid on the block is DocBook 5 and all new features will go into this 

I'm not very familiar with the current situation on Ubuntu. Probably you will 
have the least problems with DocBook 4.x. I think it doesn't hurt to start in 
DocBook 4.5 for the time being. If you plan a second edition, you can rethink 
your format and maybe transform your files into version 5. By the way, here is  
how to do it:


Good luck with your book!

  Thomas Schraitle

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