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Subject: Re: [docbook] Status attribute

Hi Thomas,
On 04/14/2013 02:07 PM, Thomas Schraitle wrote:
> Right, status is only allowed on division elements like book, chapter, etc.
> Is there a special reason why you need it in a variablelist and not on its 
> division parent element? I'm not sure if I understand your user case.

The document I am trying to fix is a badly formatted usermanual, which
in the beginning was not even validating. It was full with sectX
elements which included informaltables to create definitions for various
terminology used by the software. These sectX had status either set as
draft or final.

I have now converted such sectX to variablelists and get rid of the
informaltable definitions. However I can't make any attributions to
these variablelists if they are meant to be draft or final as with the
profiling of status I am able to produce a final output.

Hence is my problem.

> Usually, a variablelist is not published separatly, it's normally embedded 
> inside a section, a chapter, or a book. This parent element can have a status 
> attribute which "derives" its status to all its child elements.
> Adding a status attribute only on a variablelist doesn't make sense to me. 
> The closest attribute to status may be a revision or condition attribute, 
> which are allowed on very element.

Hmm, never have thought about it in this sense, however it should work
just need to convert all other status attributes to one of these to
achieve consistency


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