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Subject: DocBook 5 Assemblies and XML Fragments


DocBook 5 contains the new element "assembly" as definied in the TDG:


According to the TDG5, the resource contains a href attribute which is
definied as an anyURI datatype.

Does that mean, an ID fragment is allowed too? Something like:

  <resource href="foo.xml#intro"/>

Would that be supported? How it is supposed to work with other "XML
fragments"? Let's say, a user wants to refer to the first section
inside a file, but this section doesn't contain an xml:id attribute?
Should that be an XPointer expression? Or something else?

It seems, the current level of modularization with assemblies just
covers files and only files. However, sometimes the current situation
dictates a specific structure. As such using a more granular approach
would be very helpful.

This question originated from the docbook-apps mailinglist[1].



    Thomas Schraitle

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