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Subject: Academic publishing use of DocBook


I'm new to the list, if not to DocBook. I've been doing digital publishing stuff since the 90s, which often now includes helping publishers with data workflows, specs and documentation.

I was wondering if there are any folks out there who have experience of using DocBook for academic humanities and social science books. I'm keen to compare notes especially on any "standards" you may have adopted for some features, especially references and notes, and for more complex edition handling (distinguishing between authorial/editorial text, marginal notes, etc).

I've also got cases where I have endnotes, which also have surrounding editorial text, so one needs to be able to preserve the original context of the notes, as well as maintain the pointers to them in the text body.

I'm sure this isn't the first such use of DocBook, so I'm keen not to reinvent the wheel. I am, however, keen to develop some good examples.


Brad Scott

e: brad.scott@brambletye-publishing.co.uk
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bradscottuk

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