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Subject: Implied author

Hi again

A print edition has an implied author for some of the bibliography (ie under the heading "Books by Brecht). I'd like to have the author in the bibliographic reference so I can generate an OpenURL query when it is online, but I'd also want to be able to suppress it for any display. Is this an occasion when I'd use @condition on the author?

<bibliomixed xml:id="bibl8"><author><personname><firstname>Berthold</firstname> <surname>Brecht</surname></personname></author><title><emphasis role="italic">Poems and Songs from the Plays</emphasis></title>, edited and mainly translated by <editor><personname><firstname>John</firstname> <surname>Willett</surname></personname></editor> (<address><city>London</city></address>: <publishername>Methuen</publishername>, <pubdate>1990</pubdate>)</bibliomixed>

Similarly, where there are multiple items in a bibliography by an author, I want to keep the long dash, but inherit (and not display) the implied author from the preceding item. So, this would give me something like this:

<bibliomixed><bibliomset relation="article"><author condition="condition1"><personname role="last-first"><surname>Adamson</surname> <firstname>Sylvia</firstname></personname></author><phrase condition="condition2">————</phrase>, ‘<title>The Literary Language</title>’</bibliomset>, in <bibliomset role="monograph"><editor><personname><firstname>Roger</firstname> <surname>Lass</surname></personname></editor> (ed.), <title><emphasis role="italic">The Cambridge History of the English Language: Volume 3, 1476–1776</emphasis></title> (<address><city>Cambridge</city></address>, <pubdate>2000</pubdate>)</bibliomset>, pp. 539–653</bibliomixed>

This feels right, but I'd just be grateful for confirmation, or for a pointer to a preferred way of doing this.




Brad Scott
e: brad.scott@brambletye-publishing.co.uk
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bradscottuk


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