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Subject: RE: [docbook] Quote over multiple paragraphs

I've run into the same problem. Since we use curly quote marks in our work, I need to use the quote tag to get those right, and my workarounds don't seem terribly elegant in these cases:

1) You could just use the quotation characters (rather than the tags) in those instances (I made an entity for them), but this means you are treating quotes in your work in 2 different ways. Not ideal at all but it works.

2) Later, I started marking those quotes with a role="continues" tag and closing them as normal. I customized the XSLT to only output an opening quote mark a <quote role="continutes">...</quote>. But then your content is not really tagged correctly. But it also works.

I tend to prefer the latter, but I don't know that DocBook handles this case well. I'd love to hear other solutions. 

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Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 6:54 AM
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Subject: [docbook] Quote over multiple paragraphs

What is the preferred way of marking up quotations that run over several paragraphs (but which are not blockquotes)? The quote tag is not allowed outside of the para tag.

In English-language publications, when a quotation runs over several paragraphs, the paragraphs are usually preceded by an opening quotation mark, but they do not have a closing quotation mark unless they are the last paragraph. I need to find out how to achieve this effect with Docbook and the XSL stylesheets, or to at least represent this semantically within Docbook so that I can write my own XSL.

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