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Subject: Linking to an Unknown Amount of Targets (1:n relationships)?


linking in DocBook has a long tradition: usually, we use <xref/>s for
internal cross references and <ulinks/> or <link/>s for remote links.

All of these elements establish a 1:1 relationship: one source links to
one target.

What do I use if I need a 1:n relationship (one source, many targets)?

For example, my cookbook[1] around DocBook and the DocBook
stylesheets contains several topics. Some topics can be grouped
thematically. I would like to show this group of links as one unit,
preferably under the "See also" section. 
My idea would be to just mark up topics that belongs to one or
more groups and the stylesheet find the other ends automatically.

Anybody had this problem before? What markup did you use, what
stylesheet magic? Did extended XLinks help?

Any recommendations are very appreciated. :-)


[1] http://doccookbook.sf.net/html/en/index.html

    Thomas Schraitle

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