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Subject: Re: [docbook] Simplifying image markup

On 07/08/13 21:07, Norman Walsh wrote:

What I assume my friend wants is an <img> tag. Adding a parallel image
structure to DocBook doesn't appeal to me, but it did occur to me that
we could allow imagedata in more places:

   <figure xml:id="ex.pythagorean">
     <title>The Pythagorean Theorem Illustrated</title>
     <imagedata fileref="figs/print/db5d_ref01.pdf"/>

It leaves a slightly odd element name but it's a single tag. I assume
that audiodata and videodata would be equally useful.

Should we consider allowing "bare" imagedata/audiodata/videodata
elements in DocBook? I suppose they'd be both inline and block

How to include the text alternative for accessibility please?


Dave Pawson

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