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Subject: Indexterms - see and seealso linked to another indexterm

Hi everyone,

I am at the point of creating an index and I though it would be nice if the <see> and <seealso> elements were linked to the term they are pointing to, that is, to another index entry. In this way, if you have something like this:

    <see>user group</see>

and you get:

    group (see user group)

you can click "user group" and see the index entries for this term (secondary entries, linked topics/pages etc.) instead of scrolling/searching for it. Is there any sensible way to achieve it? I've been looking through docs (DocBool XSL: The Complete Guide) and the mailing list, but I couldn't find any straight forward answer. My document is processed to HTML and PDF.

Any thoughts?


Maria Lowas

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