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Subject: Publishers.xsd version 1.0: ambiguous element name "date" in db.bibliographic.elements

Good day,


Please forgive my newness with DocBook and the list, and correct my etiquette as needed.


I’ve downloaded all files for DocBook Publishers v. 1.0. I’m opening publishers.xsd in XMLSpy and getting this error:


The schema doesn't appear to be valid by itself (as a part of another schema, it might still be OK).

   The content model of model group definition 'docbook:db.bibliographic.elements' is ambiguous.

      Error location: xs:schema / xs:group


              cos-nonambig: <xs:element name='date'> makes the content model non-deterministic against <xs:element name='date'>. Possible causes: name equality, overlapping occurrence or substitution groups.



Upon closer examination, I THINK there may be a conflict between these two entries:


publishers.xsd  >>  <xs:element name="date" substitutionGroup="docbook:db.publishing.inlines">


dcterms.xsd >> <xs:element name="date" substitutionGroup="docbook:db.dublincore.elements"/>



Can anyone offer guidance on what I need to do to base new XML documents on this schema set?


Also,  I note not much activity on list for DocBook Publishers in past two years. Are others using it?


Many thanks,

LaRae Chasteen

Systems Analyst, Publishing Specialist

Municipal Code Corporation



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