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Subject: Re: [docbook] braille and audio

On 30/10/13 16:41, evaristegalois wrote:
I have now read several times that the cool thing about docbook is that it
provides output in braille and audio as well, for example here:

The advantage is that one SGML source file can generate any type of output:
Postscript, PDF, RTF, HTML, QNX Helpviewer, even audio files or braille.

I work with blind people in an educational setting and would love to use
docbook to provide content to students. But despite extensive searching on
this forum, the docbook wiki, and duckduckgo (google), I cannot find
anything about braille or audio output. I have successfully used docbook to
create html and pdf output. Please tell me how I can convert an sgml or xml
file to brf (braille) or a sound file (any format) using an input file that
I've already successfully converted to pdf and html.

Locale is the problem.
Yes, it is possible to generate embosser ready braille from docbook using
the existing stylesheets, modifying the output. The formatting is the
real issue, line length, pagination, indent etc.

To my knowledge it has not been attempted directly from docbook XML.


Dave Pawson

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