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Subject: Re: [docbook] Which docbook element to use for a mathematical formula explanation?

On 07/11/13 18:57, Peter Desjardins wrote:
I use the caption element to do something similar to your example.

   <title>My Title</title>
   <mathphrase>M = (N * C) / 2</mathphrase>
     <para>M = An explanation</para>
     <para>N = Some more explanation</para>
     <para>C = Another explanation</para>

Thanks for this example Peter.

When I tried this approach, it appeared that all the para's are centered in the output document (PDF). That's something I'd like differently:

I'd like the three explanations left aligned/indented at the start of the symbol.

I wonder whether any other docbook elements handle such cases. Or is that something to be handled by downstream processing (xslt / fop)?




On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 12:51 PM, Erik Leunissen <e.leunissen@hccnet.nl> wrote:
Hi all,

Many scientific or technical documents explain mathematical formulae like in
the following example (only fixed width fonts will display this example as

               V = I*R              (1)

where:    V = voltage (volt)
          I = current (ampere)
          R = resistance (ohm)

My question concerns the latter part, from 'where:' onwards, which explains
the symbols.

What docbook element(s) would you recommend for implementing such an
explanation (maybe considering that it's meant for print output, PDF)?

Thanks for any advice,

Erik Leunissen.

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