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Subject: Re: [docbook] xi:include problem

On Tue, 2013-12-10 at 22:22 -0800, Alex Kleider wrote:
> Thanks, Shaun, for taking an interest.
> On my (Ubuntu 12.4) system,
> apt-cache search xmllint =>
> libxml2-utils - XML utilities
> bluefish - advanced Gtk+ HTML editor
> Googling xmllint tells me that "It is included in libxml2."
> A little more time with the man page should get me up to speed.
> I very much appreciate the tip.
> cheers,
> alex
> is xmllint part of libxml2-utils?

Here you're running into the difference between upstream packages and
packages for Ubuntu. The package that's released upstream is just
libxml2, and it includes a C library, Python bindings for that library,
and the xmllint command-line tool. When Ubuntu packaged libxml2, they
chose to split it up so that you don't automatically have xmllint if you
have the library installed.

> Also, in your call to xmllint, what does the noout parameter signify and 
> where do you specify the source file?
> (I'm sure I could figure all of this out if I could find

Normally, xmllint outputs the XML you gave it, provided it parsed
correctly. The --noout option makes it not output the XML, so it just
reports the result of the validation.

xmllint's man page can be a cryptic read (but at least it has one). When
looking at it, it's worth knowing that roughly half the options you can
pass are only there for debugging libxml2, and are of absolutely no use
to you as a user.


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