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Subject: Re: [docbook] leading dash (-)

Hi Alex

On 12/12/13 17:47, Alex Kleider wrote:

>> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/865332/Errors.docbook
> In the file referenced above, there are leading dashes ("-") before some
> of the high level opening tags.
> I (admittedly a newcomer to DocBook) have never seen this and assume it
> would not be valid xml.  Please explain.

Are you looking at the file in Firefox? If so, those dashes are not part 
of the file. Firefox displays them when you open an XML file which does 
not have an associated stylesheet. If you click on a dash, Firefox 
collapses the element, and the dash changes to a +. Click on the + to 
expand the element again.

Simon Dew

Technical Author | Stanley Security Solutions
1 Park Gate Close, Bredbury, Stockport SK6 2SZ, U.K.

Simon.Dew@SBDInc.com | +44 (0) 161 406 3400

Registered Office: Stanley House, Bramble Road, Swindon
Registered in England and Wales No. 181585 VAT No. 232 2446 95

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