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Subject: DocBook V5.1CR2 released

Hello folks,

The second "candidate release" of DocBook V5.1 has been released. You
can get it from docbook.org


or through OASIS at


I've upgraded TDG5.1 to correspond to CR2. 

I haven't got the 5.1 spec built yet, but here's a summary of what's changed
since 5.0 based on my casual inspection of the repository commits:

* Attempt to address issue #303 by moving multimediaparam into the
  *data elements and allowing the *data elements to be repeated

* Added RDFa Lite attributes to DocBook; removed the dbrdfalite
  customization layer

* Fix issue #300 add a class to see/seealso to handle the 'under'

* Fix issue #277 add a result element

* Updated to support ITS 2.0

* Fixed error in indexterm content model

* Fix RFE 3547943 don't allow secondary without a primary in indexterm

* Fix RFE 3531365 allow navigation components at the beginnings of

* Fix RFE 3517981 remove spurious, duplicate 'other' value.

* Attempt to implement the whole proposal for accessability attributes
  in CALS tables

* Fix RFE 3530659 allow admonitions in formal objects

* Fix RFE 3571149 allow articles in sets

* Added scope attribute

* Added outputformat as an effectivity attribute

* Added AltGr and Return to keycap

* Rename @fileref to @href (in assemblies only)

* Fixed bug in Schematron assertions, thanks to Hussein Shafie

* Attempt to resolve RFE 3500814, add pgwide to informalexample and

* Make info on structure and module optional

* Implemented recent TC changes:

* Adopted the recent proposals to add attributes/parameters to audio
  and video objects

* Attempt to implement RFE #3368279, make content optional in
  components and sections

* Allow link in extendedlink, in preparation for arc and locator being
  removed in V6.0

* Fix RFE#3406169, allow multiple procedure elements in task

* Fix RFE#3390036, allow tag elements to nest

* Reworked XLink attributes to support simple/extended links

* Added pattern for imagedata SVG and MathML content (so that it could
  be extended by the XInclude schema)

* Added XInclude to images and equations; allow foreign,
  namespace-qualified attributes on the xi:include element

* RFE 3150303, broaden content model of contrib

* RFE 3227210, fix HTML informaltable attributes

* RFE 3274136, allow production to contain rhs+

* RFE 3287339, support ISTC as a biblioid class

* Renamed pattern db.any.docbook to db._any.docbook for consistency

* Fix RFE 3199793, allow xi:include in set

* Fixed RFE 3174769, add securitycontext and other to systemitem

* Fix RFE 3171553, allow dedication in article

* Changed Schematron namespace to official ISO Schematron URI

* Allow topic in chapter and appendix (as an alternative to narrative
  content) per May 2010 TC meeting

* Fix content model of book and part to make topic an alternative, not
  part of the component mixture

* RFE #2964576: move table/informaltable exclusion down to entry where
  it belongs

* Fix RFE 2821653: allow indexterms in footnotes

* RFE 2907131 Allow simplesect in colophon

* RFE 2907125 remark should allow all inlines

* RFE 2907124 make personal name components avialable directly in
  bibliomixed and bibliomset

* RFE 2770858/2791288 add more elements to ubiquitous inlines

* Change xlink from/label/to attributes. They're no longer optional
* RFE 1958051 address should allow orgname

* RFE 2315507 add subtitle to sidebar

* RFE 2067915 Add floatstyle attribute to sidebar

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | My problems start when the smarter
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | bears and the dumber visitors
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | intersect.--Steve Thompson,
                                   | wildlife biologist at Yosemite
                                   | National Park

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