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Subject: Re: [docbook] Float next to section title

Hi Julia,
I think clear would work here. The tricky thing about clear is that it must be applied to the div that *follows* the one you want to appear next to the float. In a customization, that would typically mean putting clear="both" on all section titles *except* the one you want to position next to the image, which should have clear="none".

You might try experimenting by manually editing an HTML file and reloading it in the browser until you get the results you want, and then figure out how to implement that in a CSS stylesheet.

Customizing CSS generally means customizing the class attribute on an element, and then writing CSS styles in a separate CSS stylesheet file that match on that class value. See this reference for more on CSS and class values:


BTW, for future reference, the docbook-apps mailing list is a better one for asking stylesheet questions. The docbook list is for discussion of the docbook schemas.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

On 2/2/2014 12:35 PM, julia.jacobson@arcor.de wrote:
Hello everybody out there using DocBook,

Is there a way to position a float right next to the title of a section but prevent the next section title to be placed next to a float of the previous section?
I know about the "clear" parameter but this does not enable me to place a float from one section next to the corresponding title without placing the title of the next section next to the same float in case the section is short.
Sorry for placing another question so soon after my previous one to this list, but I just began using DocBook and could not find an solution for my problem despite extensive web search.

Kind regards,

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