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Subject: Issue with olink


I am using olink tag to make external links to the document.
In xml, Tag looks like:
<olink targetdoc="book-Processor_Reference_Manual">Proc</olink>

And the command that i am using is:
xsltproc --stringparam style.dir doc/stylesheets --nonet --xinclude --stringparam target.database.document doc/olinkdb.pdf.xml -o doc/Designer_Reference_Manual/en-US/Designer_Reference_Manual.fo doc/stylesheets/fo/docbook.xsl doc/Designer_Reference_Manual/en-US/Designer_Reference_Manual.xml

So, i am getting the correct functional external links. But still xsltproc prints the following error:

Olink error: cannot locate targetdoc book-Processor_Reference_Manual in sitemap

Do you know why am i getting this error message?


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