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Subject: Re: [docbook] centring a picture

On 2014-05-28 15:41, Richard Hamilton wrote:
Hi Alex,

Try align="center" on the imagedata element.

I would also suggest checking out Bob Stayton's book, which has a lot
of information about image placement and scaling, a topic that can get

You can find the book online at http://sagehill.net and I recommend
getting the print version if you do very much with DocBook.

BTW, the docbook-apps mailing list is the best place for this kind of
request, so I'm cross-posting my reply there.

Best regards,
Dick Hamilton

Thank you Bob Stayton and Richard Hamilton for your help.
As it happens, I have 'DocBookXSL: The Complete Guide' but xml is a huge topic and still pretty daunting!
I'll turn for help to the docbook-apps list in future.

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