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Subject: glossentry gives warning (but works) when contains olink references to other documents?


If I have a glossentry in one document, which I want to reference a definition
in another document (PS3.14), if I have:

        <glossentry xml:id="glossentry_DisplaySystem">
<glossterm>Display System, as applies to emissive displays only</glossterm>
<para>See <olink targetdoc="PS3.14" targetptr="glossentry_DisplaySystem" xrefstyle="select: docname label quotedtitle"/>.</para>

in the source document, I get the message (when making pdfs):

"No template for "glossentry" (or any of its leaves) exists in the context
  named "xref-number" in the "en" localization."

It seems to work OK though (generating an appropriate link in the PDF).

Since it is "working" I am not motivated to dig into the stylesheets to see
why this is happening (when similar <olink/> outside of <glossentry/> seem
to work fine, and silently), but just thought I would ask.


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