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Subject: Re: [docbook] output order preface epub3

Hi Peter,

Am Montag, 7. Juli 2014, 11:43:10 schrieb Peter Fleck:
> Not sure if this is a bug or my xml. The structure is below:
> <preface>
> <title>Foreword</title>
> [...]
> <section>
> <title>...</title>
> <para>...</para>
> <para>...</para>
> </section>
> <para>...</para>
> <para>...</para>
> <para>...</para>
> </preface>

Your XML isn't valid. Unfortunately, you can't continue with <para>s after an 
end </section> tag.

Well, I would recommend to validate your XML _before_ you transform it. :) All 
the DocBook stylesheets rely on valid XML input. It's too risky, if you feed 
unvalidated sources into the transformation process. There is no guarantee 
it'll work.

> In the epub 3 the paragraphs at the end are outputted after the
> paragraphs at the start before the first section. Do I need to just wrap
> the first and last paragraphs into a simplesect to avoid this?

You have two options:

1. Move your last three paras into the last section.
2. Wrap the last three paras into a simplesect (as you suggested it).

Both should work. However, for consistency reasons, I would better use _one_ 
element and stick to that.

> It works fine in the FO output.

Interesting. Well, maybe in this case it doesn' "hurt" the FO formatting 
process. Nevertheless, the invalid XML source still applies. :)

  Thomas Schraitle

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