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Subject: [ANN] Release of XMLmind XML Editor v6

XMLmind is happy to announce the version 6.0 of XMLmind XML Editor.

XMLmind XML Editor Evaluation Edition v6 can be downloaded from

Professional Edition users, please upgrade using this form:

(The above form is usually accessed through

XMLmind XML Editor v6 (July 9, 2014)

* Version 6 has a large number of internal changes which are not
  relevant to the end-user of the application. As a consequence of these
  internal changes, it's now possible, and even very easy, to embed an
  advanced XML editor based on XXE in a third-party Java™ application.
  More information in XMLmind XML Editor - Developer's Guide.

* New "Easy Profiling" add-on, installed by default, makes it
  convenient and easy working with conditional processing profiles
  in XXE.
  More information in XMLmind XML Editor - Easy Profiling.

* Several other enhancements and a few bug fixes.


More information:

XMLmind XML Editor - Developer's Guide:

XMLmind XML Editor - Easy Profiling:

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