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Subject: Re: [docbook] Localisation bug in common/titles.xsl?

Hi Stefan,
It's a bug.  However, it is unlikely to be encountered.
As the templates point out, questions and answers do not allow title elements. So the regular templates do not process those elements with mode="title.markup". Instead, they use mode="label.markup" to generate the Q & A labels, and that mode is internationalized.

The only place mode="title.markup" is applied to those elements is when collecting olink data. That mode uses generic templates to process all elements in a similar manner, and mode="title.markup" is applied to generate the <ttl> element in the olink data. But the default processing for resolving olinks uses the <xreftext> element in the olink data, and that element is internationalized. The <ttl> element is only used when you build your own olink style like this:

  <olink xrefstyle="select: title"

and the targetptr points to a question or answer element. Since neither element supports title, that would be a risky usage anyway.

Regardless, this is still a bug that should get fixed. Can you please file a bug report on the DocBook SourceForge site so we can track it?

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

On 7/23/2014 9:17 AM, Stefan Knorr wrote:
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Hi all,

just a question: Is the following a localisation bug or am I
overlooking something obvious and this is fine?

DocBook 1.78.1, file: common/titles.xsl, line 485ff:

<xsl:template match="answer" mode="title.markup">
   <!-- answers don't have titles -->

<xsl:template match="qandaentry" mode="title.markup">
   <!-- qandaentrys are represented by the first question in them -->



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